How to Decorate Around an Exposed Brick Wall

How to Decorate Around an Exposed Brick Wall

Brick walls look great around a house. They provide some classic feeling and an aesthetic that brings some interesting options when choosing to decorate it. When deciding to decorate a brick wall first notice how much brick wall there is to work with. Regardless how small or large the brick wall space covers there is always some type of creative decoration that can be done. Next, notice the room or rooms the brick walls are located. Shelves are always a good choice to use on brick walls in the kitchen, living room or bedrooms. Once the shelves have been properly placed they can now be used for pictures, plants or small mirrors. You can decide to add shelves and other such holders to make space for more decorations as well.

How to decorate around an Exposed Brick Wall2
How to decorate around an Exposed Brick Wall

Remember that all of this creativity when decorating the brick walls is going to take time, leaving very little time for home cleaning up later. To keep your focus on the decorating check into cleaning services and their house cleaners who have experience with home cleaning and are able to work around your creation. While you are working on your decorating this can also give the cleaners time to do any other house cleaning that might need to be done.

Instead of just painting the brick wall with another colour use your imagination and paint a mural on the brick walls. Even if you are not satisfied with the picture, you can always start again until you get it the way you want it. The different colours of bricks are a great background for the holidays, especially Christmas time since the colour red is used in numerous Christmas decorations. Place several hooks on the bricks in whatever shape you prefer, such as a Christmas tree and hook bright colourful lights on the bricks.

How to decorate around an Exposed Brick Wall

After all the work is done, you might need those cleaning services we mentioned earlier. Bricks are a nice view, but they can be the source of quite a lot of messes. Work to get the place cleaned so that you can start enjoying the results of your work as soon as possible. If you are not too tired from the decoration work, you can simply get a brush and a bag and do the clean-up yourself as well, of course. Just get the area looking as pleasant as possible.

Once all of the brick walls are decorated to your satisfaction, invite people over to show how the brick walls stand out. Before all the decorating and cleaning was done they looked like ordinary brick walls, but now they add a pleasant quality to any room in your home.

Why You Need a Professional to Install Your New Home Air Conditioner?

Why You Need a Professional to Install Your New Home Air Conditioner?

Having a new air conditioner is not the final task in relation to your objective of regulating your home temperature. You need to have it mounted by air conditioning installations professionals to be sure of an efficient home-cooling performance. Sometimes, the summer heat can be unbearable. Having a working, properly installed air conditioning unit can help you go through these comfortably. This is one of the reasons why you should have your units installed proficiently. Doing so can help you to avoid any future problems that might lead to rework.

Air conditioning installation
Air conditioning installation

Ensuring Efficiency

Even if your unit is just a window type air conditioner for your room, you still need to have it installed by a professional. It can give you some assurance that the system is mounted and connected safely. It can also give you a guarantee that the unit can function properly when needed. Having your unit installed professionally would give you the confidence to call them back over when a problem arises.

If your air conditioning unit is intended for centralized cooling system, there is an ever greater need for you to hire a professional to install it. Since the system is designed to cool a larger area, you should be able to get the efficiency you want from it regardless of whether you are in the kitchen or living room. In order to make your unit attain this efficiency, it is important that you should entrust the installation job to someone who knows how to determine proper placement and positioning of your unit based on its capacity and the form and size of your home.

Maintenance and Repair Services

Even if your air conditioners are new, you will need someone to maintain and service them regularly. Air conditioners and any other machines need proper upkeep and maintenance in order to function at their best. It is only good to have your units installed by professionals because they can also maintain and service these units for you. Just be sure to find technicians that are skilled, reliable, and trustworthy enough to be allowed to come inside your home.

On top of the repair and maintenance jobs they do, some professionals also cover their work with warranties. If some back-job is necessary, you no longer have to pay for the cost of repair. This can help to save you time and money.

Final Thoughts

Air conditioning installation is not a really complex thing, but it can cause problems if not done the correct way. There are lots of things to consider before a unit can be installed. There’s the need to compute the electricity requirement of the unit. This can help to avoid electrical overload. Another important thing to consider is the capacity of the air conditioner versus the size of the area. This can be done proficiently by a qualified air conditioning technician.

For best results and to ensure that your air conditioning units will receive proper care, you should have them installed by professionals. It is the first step of your home air conditioning process. You should have it done by people who can deliver the best.

Why Annual Whole-House Plumbing Inspection is Essential?

Hiring a professional plumber for inspecting a home’s plumbing system is a smart move for savvy homeowners. A plumbing issue can exist for a longer period of time without presenting any noticeable issue until it becomes severe. A proper inspection done on annual basis by a skilled plumber can alert homeowners of problems early on.

Drips and other leaks in plumbing joints are very common and are often witnessed by homeowners. A drip may be small, but the amount of water wasting from it adds up quickly. It increases the water bill if not stopped on time. If hot water is leaking, the cost to heat the water is also lost in an elevated electricity bill.

Whole-House Plumbing Inspection
Whole-House Plumbing Inspection

Unchecked leaking pipes can also cause damage to your home. It can damage floor boards and drywall resulting in extensive and expensive repair work. Water accumulated behind the walls is a perfect medium for mold growth. This can lead to allergic reactions and other health problems among family members.

Common areas in a home that are prone to leaks include under kitchen sinks, under bathroom sinks, toilets, behind dishwashers and refrigerators with ice makers. If you encounter a leak or any plumbing issue at any time of the day, call a company providing a skilled plumber for 24 hrs plumbing in San Jose. They will get the work done even at midnight.

Not only leaks, but inspecting the other plumbing appliances or systems such as sewer pipes, drain pipes is also necessary. There might be a time when your drains or sewer lines will get blocked. Getting then inspected and repaired on time can prevent further damage and also help you save some money.

Thus, inspection by a professional plumber is a must if you want your all plumbing appliances or systems to work efficiently. This will in turn give you peace of mind.

Discover: Top Bathroom Trends For 2016 with Oyster Bath

Summers have already arrived that means it’s the wonderful time to dive into a little bit of renovation of bathing space with latest bathroom fittings in India. It’s all about the neutral colours, natural materials with open and functional designs.

But it’s really tricky to use these trends in our small and ordinary bathrooms. Because it’s true that most of us don’t have those big and grand bathrooms showcased in the magazines, movies and advertisements. They are too out of reach, but not impossible to create. Let’s take a look at the bathroom trends for this year.

Try no-doorstep to the showers

Here’s the superb plan to install the shower enclosures that are placed directly from the floor to the ceiling. There would be no space for restrictions or boundaries running around the bottom of the shower at all. The frameless shower is best for small bathrooms because the absence of the walls makes the room look large and magnificent. You can go for an open shower area or mount an exquisite shower curtain to draw the division between the toilet and bathing space to make it more glamorous.

Top Bathroom Trends For 2016

Add floating vanity

The latest incarnation in this year’s fashion bathroom is the floating vanity. Yes, it’s with no legs, just bolt down the vanity to the walls and you can enjoy the clean and modern appearance of stylish vanity. It is as amazing as the beauty of the design, now just imagine how easy it would be to clean underneath the vanity.

Choose from the variety of bathtubs

The freestanding tubs, built in bathtubs and shower enclosures are the essential bathroom fittings in India these days that are highly in trend. These alluring tubs and shower cabins are the luxury assets that add grandeur and composure to the lifestyle. They are the perfect amenities of wellness with water and transform the way of living in a prosperous way, that is free from stress and diseases.

bathroom fittings in India

The new popular lightings are the vintage style classic and contemporary light fixtures. Consider a pattern of lighting over the shower or tub for improved radiance while soaking in the bathtub. These days the houses are small and so are the bathrooms. But if you have the taste to design the home of your dreams, then the bathrooms are just like yours any other essential room in the house with tubs and exclusive shower enclosures.

Oyster Bath offers you the marvellous opportunity to re-design it with some rejuvenating designs and best bathroom fittings in India.

How to Organize Your Weekly Cleaning Schedule

House cleaning is a demanding task that needs to be done. It’s not something many people enjoy but it can be less demanding if you have organization and maintenance. You need to do it frequently to avoid having to deal with dirty surfaces and items, and, most of all, to have a healthy home – it takes very little to do the domestic cleaning, and the results are always big benefits which you should await and look forward to.

How to Organize Your Weekly Cleaning Schedule
How to Organize Your Weekly Cleaning Schedule

If you maintain the cleanliness of your home, it won’t get out of hand. Just clean up as soon as you have a chance. Do the kitchen cleaning after dinner. Quickly clean up the bathroom after you get ready in the morning of before you go to bed at night. Straighten up your living room before bed. Do upholstery cleaning if there are any after dinner stains on the sofa or any of the chairs. Don’t fool yourself – there might be more than you thought. Have your family help too. Give the kids chores so you aren’t as overwhelmed. Make sure you have plenty of good cleaners and cleaning supplies on hand so you have what you need. Maybe even keep some of the same house cleaners in stock in different places of the house, such as upstairs and downstairs. That way you don’t have to carry all the cleaning supplies to everywhere in the house.

Organization is also key is keeping your home clean. If you are very busy and just can’t find the time to clean each week, hire a cleaning service. They should do a good quality job too.

How to Organize Your Weekly Cleaning Schedule
How to Organize Your Weekly Cleaning Schedule

If you want to clean on your own, designate cleaning tasks to each day of the week. For example, you could clean the kitchen on Mondays. Clean bathrooms on Tuesdays. Tackle cleaning the bedrooms on Wednesdays and the living room on Thursdays. Friday could be laundry day or you could clean whatever didn’t get done earlier in the week. Then you have Saturday too, but try to rest on Sunday if possible.

Just make a plan and work at something each day. Write down your plan and put somewhere where you and everyone in the house will see it and know what’s needs to be done each day.

If you have an organised cleaning schedule, getting the job done will be a little bit easier. You get to reap all the rewards from that as soon as you wake up the next day and you take in a deep breath that shows you just what a good job you did with the domestic cleaning. Be proud of yourself – a little effort and a bit of planning goes a long way to make a healthy home.

5 Tricks for Installing Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone tiles add a great touch to any room in the home. They may be a little more expensive but they are well worth it. They will also spare you a lot of effort as you will not have to do any carpet cleaning, or even get bothered about keeping the rug clean. In fact, all the dirt problems can easily be solved within a few minutes with a simple steam cleaner. There are some tips when installing natural stone tile that will make the installation easier.

5 Tricks for Installing Natural Stone Tiles
5 Tricks for Installing Natural Stone Tiles

Install a backer

Installing a tile backer is very important. This can be wonder board or some other type of cement boarding. This should be flat and will go under the tile to make sure it can be laid down over an even surface. Be sure to nail this board now well so the tile can be even.

5 Tricks for Installing Natural Stone Tiles
5 Tricks for Installing Natural Stone Tiles

Mark the Area

Before laying down the stone tile measure the area to see how many full tiles will fit. If the tile has to be cut the it should be done in the corners. Be sure to draw horizontal lines to make the tile and help make sure that it is even and straight. If there is going to be a pattern lines can help keep the pattern on track as well.

Use spacers

When installing the tile be sure to use spacers between the pieces. Spacers look like little white. This will help make sure that the tile is evenly spaced and will also help when it comes time to grout.

5 Tricks for Installing Natural Stone Tiles
5 Tricks for Installing Natural Stone Tiles

Making Cuts

When cutting the stone tile be sure to use a diamond blade wet saw. This will help make sure the tile cuts evenly and will reduce the chance of the tile breaking. Cut from one end to the other and be sure to have a firm hold on the tile.

Wait to Grout

The stone tile should set for at least one day before grouting. This will ensure that the tile is firmly in place and will not shift. Careful with the grouting, because this is often a reason why people do efficient home cleaning after they spread the grout all over the home.

And there you go. These are just some tips on how to install natural tile. These tiles will give the room a great new look and by following these tips the tile will look great. Lastly, you should probably get a steam cleaner – it will be the ultimate tool and you won’t have to make use of any cleaning services if you use that. After that you are ready to fully enjoy your new tile floors.

Why Choose a Professional Garage Clearance Company

After sorting and reorganizing the garage, you probably have to deal with enormous piles of useless objects and trash, and you don’t want to keep hoarding more things on the shelves. That’s why a great solution is to call a professional rubbish clearance company to help get rid of the useless things. The professional crew has a great experience in this domain and they can offer you the best advises and solutions for your specific case. They assess the type and size of the materials, and can tell you what’s the best way for disposal of all the different types of waste after the garage clearance. This can save you money and efforts if you choose to do everything by yourself and pay for a skip hire, instead of getting some benefit from money return by giving some parts of the trash for recycling. Not to mention the time that you save from all the tasks that otherwise you have to do by yourself, such as lifting heavy items, sorting and organizing in different piles, searching for heavy-duty bags and more. Yet these are only a few of the advantages of the professional clearance crew. Check out the following hints and get more insight into why to choose them instead of doing everything by yourself.

Why to choose a professional garage clearanceGetting rid of the rubbish is one of the first things that you have to do after the reorganization of the garage and so a great tip is to do it as quickly as possible. If you find a place where you can temporarily stash the piles of rubbish, for example – in the garden, in the backyard or on the patio deck, then you risk of spreading the piles of rubbish and making a bigger mess. Not to mention the difficulties when trying to avoid the piles of rubbish while strolling around, which is one of the main issues when cleaning the garage, making some extensions or just reorganizing the garage and the backyard.

Another great reason to hire a professional rubbish removal crew is that they can sort the rubbish by different criteria and therefore make it much easier for disposal. The crew can sort the important items that can be reused/recycled from the real rubbish. Indeed, most of the things in a typical garage are recyclable – from metal to wood parts. The crew knows exactly which wood materials can be recycled and which can’t.

Why to choose a professional garage clearance2

Next, the crew can help with the clearance of all the surrounding areas if necessary and not only with the garage. When you do some major changes or when you reorganize the garage completely, you may forget to check out the condition of the surrounding areas, and get rid of the rubbish there too. This is a quite important issue if you want to spend money and efforts for the clearance of the entire backyard at once. Otherwise, if you postpone the house clearance for a longer time – you may have to hire the company twice or even more – once for collecting the rubbish from the garage, then from the garden, and another time for the junk from the patio and the walkways, etc.

The professional waste clearance companies offer numerous complimentary services, which can facilitate your tasks after the big seasonal cleaning. From the collecting of trash from the rooms in the house, to the collecting of trash after the builders, as well as demolishing and recycling services – there are plenty of services of which you can take advantage if you find the perfect company. That’s why it is essential to discuss all the details and your expectations with the company coordinator. They will assess your needs and will provide you with the best range of rubbish clearance services to choose from.

An Attractive Gazebo Is The Perfect Enhancement For Any Yard

A gazebo makes a wonderful addition to any yard or garden because it provides an attractive visual feature while providing a sitting area from which to enjoy views of all your outdoor space.   Historically a gazebo is free-standing roofed structure with open sides built on a particular site to command an attractive view.  Today gazebos are built in a multitude of styles, from simple open squares to elaborate summerhouses or latticework pavilions to redwood octagons.  Whether constructed in round, rectangular, six- or eight-sided formations; built with low walls, benches, screens, doors and windows; gazebos all accomplish the same goal.  They expand your home’s living space into the outdoors and you can use your yard for more than a single season of the year.

Attractive Gazebo
Attractive Gazebo

The Advantages of Adding a Gazebo to Your Yard

The variety of uses for an outdoor gazebo is limited only by your imagination and your budget.  The most basic use of a permanent gazebo in a yard or garden is to provide a place to rest, relax and enjoy sitting in a pretty spot with a nice view.  From a simple gazebo with a bench or an outdoor bistro set with two chairs to one large enough for outdoor living room furniture, a hammock, or swing for two, rest and conversation in a shady setting is an ideal purpose for a gazebo.

A garden gazebo can also be the ideal partner for hosting social events in your backyard.  Whether planning a casual family picnic, a neighborhood barbeque or an outdoor cocktail party, your gazebo can be the star of the event.  Deck it out in lights and use it for your dance floor.  Place your food tables inside and provide a sheltered place for everyone to serve their plates.  Place your picnic table inside and eat shaded from the sun.  If you have a backyard pool, adding a gazebo to the pool area makes a delightful retreat for a soda or lemonade between swims.  You can even host a small wedding; gazebos make a marvelous ceremony platform for the bride and groom when they exchange vows.

If your outdoor space and/or budget is limited, pop-up gazebos are available that serve as temporary structures which can be put up when you need them then taken down and stored away when not in use.  These are particularly useful when space is limited but are also helpful when you first begin planning your permanent gazebo.  Before deciding on a final site, you can erect a pop-up in different locations and try the site out to see if it lives up to your expectations.

Today it has become very popular to build a gazebo as a home spa enclosure to house your hot tub.  The gazebo provides privacy for you and protection from weather elements for your equipment.   Others use their gazebos as an outdoor fitness center or as their exercise room or meditation and prayer haven.  A metal gazebo with shelves or screening is an excellent work area for a dedicated gardener when planting seedling and re potting plants.  Again, the uses of an attractive and well-built gazebo are limited only by your imagination. Once you decide on what you want to accomplish with yours, you can select the best gazebo for your needs.

For your complete guide to gazebos including tips, photos, and in-depth advice be sure to click here!

What To Check While Buying From Hardwood Timber Merchants In UK

There is a huge assortment of woods on the Earth. From oak, cedar, mahogany to fir, larch and more, every different kind of wood has different kind of use. It has been very difficult for amateurs to understand what kind of wood they should use for a particular project.

timber wood

However, rather that thinking that whether you should cedar, fir or mahogany, It is important that you know that whether you are using hardwood or softwood. Hardwood is durable and tough wood. Hence is perfect for building homes, furniture, dockyards, outdoor decks and flooring. Softwood is often called as the “substandard” hardwood. It is quite soft and  flimsy when measured against its more durable counterpart. Nevertheless, softwood is a perfect wood for in house woodwork. It is used to build cladding, boards for various inside layers and house structures. Using softwood in building and creating is more cost-effective, as it grows faster than premium quality hardwood.


It is quite possible to buy hardwood timber in varied large retail outlets and wood yards. Hardwood timber merchants in UK sell varieties of hardwood and softwood to build various things. Be sure to look into the market rates of hardwood and softwood timber on the basis of length, quantity and quality. Compare the wood costs provided by various hardwood timber merchants in UK. Make sure that you look into quality initially as better quality would mean that the hardwood and softwood would be long-lasting wood and cost-effective.

Along with quality, also verify the breadth of the hardwood before purchasing from hardwood timber merchants in UK. Inspect the shades or tiers of hardwood timber by scratching. See that timber has not been painted on.


Nevertheless, there are a few times when hardwood can get splinter edges or split and they often have to be filled with an assortment of chemical core. However, this should be present in timber hardwood that you have to buy from hardwood timber merchants in UK. Check these by rubbing the alleged markings with a rough object. Also, examine any irregularity and avoid purchasing such hardwood timber. The significant part to look out for are the measurements, wood grain, and surface.

Author Bio: Sara Hill is a creative interior designer who loves to revamp and redecorate places and attacks her home time to time. She loves to incorporate natural wood look with modern features and till date, her favorite wood profile is timber.

Together Under One Roof: Home Remodeling Ideas for Extended Families

Together Under One Roof: Home Remodeling Ideas for Extended Families

Extended families are common Africa, Latin American countries, and South Asian countries. In the Philippines, for instance, a strong family tie is a significant part of the Filipinos’ culture. Since family members are greatly attached to each other, moving out of the parent’s nest even after getting married or having children is not easy. Some Filipino families live in one compound where they can visit their second-degree relatives by foot while some live under one roof. This trait is also part of Mexicans’ culture, where multi-generational families fit themselves together in one house.

Having a large family in one home is never a problem if members are working together in harmony. In fact, it’s a very good practice since the elders can bond with the young and educate them firsthand. As Barbara Bush once said, “togetherness is a very important ingredient to family life.”

The challenge in this kind of setting, however, is the lack of space. The small children tend to share rooms, with mattresses laid on floors every bedtime. The number of bathrooms cannot accompany all of the members at the same time during “rush hour”. The dining room is made only for 10 people, making the rest sit in front of the TV during mealtime. If you can relate to this dilemma, maybe it’s time to think about investing on home reconstruction. Moving out is not an option.

Extending your Home

Building out or building up? This is the first question. Building out means extending your home horizontally by filling up the spaces that could’ve been used for gardens and backyards with walls, floors, and ceilings. In building out, the contractor will excavate the area where your addition will sit and install a new foundation. The walls and roofs will then be constructed to the extension, then the existing exterior wall will be opened to link the new and old spaces. If climbing stairs are not your thing and you love the simplicity of bungalow houses, building out may be perfect for you.


Building up, as its name suggests, is extending the home vertically, creating more stories. Unlike building out, you don’t have to give up a portion of your yard but a couple of excavating procedures still needs to be done. To ensure the stability of the foundation, the contractor will likely beef up the existing foundation and wall structure underneath the new space to ensure the support of the added weight. With building up, a small lot area is not a hindrance to a larger home.

Building extensions is not as easy as building a lego house. It takes a lot of risks and sacrifices so make sure you hire professional contractors.

Bumping Out

If you don’t want to pay more and take a lot of risks in reconstructing your home, having a bump-out might sound interesting for you. Bump-outs are small additions to a room that usually project a maximum of 3 feet from the house and stretch to 12 feet long. They may be small but they are of big help if you need a larger space for another bed, a small shower room, or an extension to your small kitchen.

The good thing with bump-outs is they are clever and affordable solutions. You can save about 15 percent compared to conventional addition and you don’t have to worry about the foundation work and roof work.

Repurposing your Rooms

If exerting efforts in extending your home sound awful for you, maybe you can make your space bigger by repurposing your rooms. Do you have a dusty attic dwelled only by insects? Or a garage that has been resting for months? Or a secret hideout under your staircase? These abandoned rooms may be transformed into a bedroom for the kids, a small bathroom, or a home office.

Repurposing your rooms are definitely cheaper and easier than building an extension. All you need are a little can of paint, a few building materials, and an unlimited supply of creativity and skill. If you happen to have  a large, open area, or rooms that are too spacious for one person, you may consider adding dividers, walls, and doors. You may also put in temporary, detachable dividers composed of wood, vinyl, and fabric to avoid hurting your structure.

Building a secondary suite or “granny flat”

Your home is not just a structure, but a precious inheritance that stood the test of time. With this, you might not commit to the idea of wrecking the walls or altering the design of your family’s century-old home. Instead of moving out to another place, you may still keep your families intact by having a secondary suite or “granny flats.” These small living areas can either be built attached to the main house or can be a separate structure.

Home Plus

As its name suggests, granny flats are originally built to accommodate aging family members but this does not mean that they are only limited to your grandparents. Since they are self-contained living areas that have bathrooms, kitchen, living room, and bedrooms, you may have them to serve as a dwelling place for a small family. Compared to a conventional house, building granny flats are more cost-efficient.

Don’t let lack of space be a hindrace to the closeness of your family. The sound of wrecking, sawing, excavating, drilling, and hammering may be unpleasant for a daily soundtrack but these will all be worth it once you see that your big family is having a great time spending quality moments with each other under one roof.

Author Bio:

A wordsmith by profession and a designer by heart, Carmina Natividad devotes most of her time seeking fresh ideas about architecture and interior design. She feeds her passion by regularly writing for Home Plus One – Granny Flats, a construction company consisting of a great team of builders, architects, and tradies that specializes in building cost-efficient and high-quality granny flats in Sydney.