Installing A New Bathtub Or Shower: Tips And Costs

There comes a time in every home when the homeowner must bite the bullet and replace their bathtub or shower. Whether it’s part of a whole bathroom remodel to increase the value of the home or just a desire to get the bathroom back to working order for your own basic comfort, you need to understand some of the basic costs and considerations that go into the job.

First, hire a professional. Unless you have a background in plumbing or are generally very good at home improvement remodeling, you will probably make a mistake that leads to leaks and extremely costly problems with the foundation and structure of the home in the future.

However, if you want to eliminate one of the biggest expenses in any remodeling project, labor, these few essential tips and costs can be helpful before you get started.

Choosing your new shower or tub

Especially if you have an older tub, finding a new tub with the same dimensions might be difficult. New tubs run about $200 to $600. A replacement shower is more difficult to price because you can just retile the floor or buy a new shower liner, which would cost less than the tub.

Remember that getting the tub into the house itself can be a challenge if you have narrow doorways. So be sure to measure everything. If the problem arises, you can opt for a sectional tub that is easier to transport.

With a shower, you also need to consider the shower wall or curtain rod in your purchase plans. Redoing the shower floor to get rid of a tub and replace it with just a shower, for example, means you need to put in doors to contain the water. These can cost anywhere from $200 to thousands, but the low end is reasonable for simple sliding glass.

All the other components

If your new tub will be significantly larger or have new features, like whirlpool jets, you may have to purchase a number of other replacement components. These include larger copper water pipes that run a dollar or more per foot, perhaps a larger water heater, and reinforced floor joists at $100 or more per joist.

You may also need matching replacement tile if you have to tip out your current tiling to remove the shower or tub.

Whether you get a tub or a shower, you have to consider fixtures and any necessary work to move piping to those new fixtures. Drain pipes may also need to be replaced. These items range in price a great deal, from $50 to whatever you can imagine.

Removing the old tub or shower

Tub removal can cost $1,000 just for labor if the bathroom is difficult to reach and work in. However, if you’re doing the work yourself this will only cost you time.

During this part of the process, you need to be especially careful with the plumbing. It’s important to turn the water off and drain all the pipes below the bathroom, and then to pay close attention to how you detach the pipes in order to remove the tub or take out the shower basin.

You need to know your new tub or shower installation’s requirements for piping, which is why it’s important to have it ready to go to inform how you remove your old equipment.

Setting your new shower or tub

This is the actual most difficult part. You can find a number of guides online explaining how to set a tub that isn’t the same size, how to solder copper pipes, reinforce joists, secure the tub, place the drain in a shower, and create tight water seals.

It’s important to remember all the incidental costs you can accrue even if you don’t make a mistake, such as for grout and rubber sealant, new tiles, paint, and new flooring.

Also pay special attention to the surround or drop in for a tub. Small mistakes in the water sealant lining and support structure can lead to potential cracking and leaks. So remember to always use cement backboard under tiles in any wet part of your bathroom to keep moisture from damaging any part of your walls.

All told, a moderate replacement bathtub project can cost around $2,000 depending on local material and labor costs. You can expect to knock as much as $1,000 off that price if you’re able to do the work yourself, but you should be very sure you know what you’re doing and follow these tips to ensure you don’t do more harm than good for your bath or shower, bathroom and home.

Rachel Wright is an editor and writer at QualitySmith with more than 10 years editing experience and five years working within digital media. For more resources, see her comprehensive home improvement reviews.

Are You Prospecting To Tying The Knot Soon?

Sans any further elaboration, no one’s unbeknownst to the fact that a couple’s bedroom is the prime sanctuary for expressing and exploring each other’s deepest feelings that lie in the abyss of one and another’s desires. Henceforth, it’s not surprising to witness a multitude of resources for both couples and contractors alike in order to get acknowledged and undertake certain bedroom enhancement extravaganzas for the purpose of delivering that special promise to the attachment of two souls.

If you’re just a few strides away from arriving at the milestone of matrimony, then this is the perfect opportunity for you and your fiancé to dedicate yourselves to an updating schema that’s going to involve your pleasure den. If splurging out is a concern, never fret for an array of options are within your reach to take advantage of even on a tight budget!

Moving on, here’s the scoop on all things master bedroom redesigning and redecorating for newly married couples on an exclusive note; feel free to get inspired!

£200 and under.

If a basic accentuation is all that you can afford as of current, help is always at hand to bring out the most creative artisan in you! That’s right, while a number of flagship ideas can be put into prompt execution when it comes to nuptial night bedroom arrangements, the task of hiring a curtaining executive who’s professionalized in this particular field of specialization is undoubtedly your best bet.

Unlike repainting or the addition of a few ornaments, the integration of a seamless range of pleated drapes are a splendid inclusion to evoke a more sensual yet sultry feel within both partners with the right blend of privacy and sophistication intact at the same time too.

For this, specifically request for ultra-slim curtaining tracks that have drapes seamed with fabrics that bear elegant patterns (these could be anything from bright pink roses to intricate vines) in shiny and/or sheer material textures (satin or voile, anyone?). Apart from this, exclusively opt for triple-pleats rather than the conventional eyelet; the drop of the drapes as a result of this is assured to feel more classy. Accessorize with a tie-back that presents embellishments of velvety tassels or glimmering crystals for an ultimate charm to your bedroom surroundings.

£400 and under.

If it is within your means to slightly exceed the previously mentioned budget, then incorporating a fully-fledged refurbishment to the varied paraphernalia of your r ‘n’ r chamber is bound to be the most potent way to exude optimum ecstasy whenever you walk in. A great suggestion on what you should resort to purchasing at this point of time would be a fancy four-poster bed; being a few notches ahead of its standard counterparts in terms of ornate craftsmanship, these types of beds present luxury at its most exquisite form.

£2500 and up.

Alright, if you can really afford to transgress this project into a strategy, think about Jacuzzis; arriving with price tags for purchase and installation at a minimum as the cost quoted above, you can include one inside your bedroom just like how elite honeymoon resorts do so in their own rooms!

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Why you should be very selective about your kitchen furniture

Food is all humankind’s life line. We need to eat to survive. With the amount of fast food chains out there, obesity is becoming an increasing threat. Keeping that in mind, people have started cooking a lot of healthy food in their kitchens. But, if your kitchen isn’t properly set up or nicely put together then you are easily disheartened and discouraged to go cook in it.

You should be very selective when selecting your kitchen furniture as the atmosphere of the kitchen directly affects the quality of your cooking. It is a belief that the nature of your environment affects your personal mood or working ability. A negative environment may dishearten you whereas a positive atmosphere makes you energized.

  1. 1.       Color Scheme

The first thing to keep in mind while designing a kitchen is the color scheme. Usually neutral colors are common choices. But dark cabinets and light table tops are also quite common though they tend to darken the kitchen. Wood and white is a safe option when it comes to color schemes.

  1. 2.       Type of Kitchen

You must also decide, with respect to the rest of your home, if your kitchen is to be modern, contemporary or traditional etc. The theme or style used for the rest of your home defines the outlook of your kitchen.

  1. 3.       Table Tops

Although, marble tops are the general consensus, nowadays steel colored and metallic grey are also considered to be quite classy and give the kitchen a cutting edge. The marble and cabinet contrast should be kept in mind. Although, both can be light colors but never dark.

  1. 4.       Cabinets

Cabinets, whether floor to ceiling or around the room, make up most of the kitchen. The cabinets can be white, egg shelled, wood, or even red or black brown etc. They define the whole of your kitchen so they must be taken into special consideration. Frosted and clear glass cabinets also look good.

  1. 5.       Showcase Cabinet

A showcase cabinet in the kitchen keeps your precious dinner sets and silver ware intact and at the same time shows them off. They give your kitchen a homey yet classy look.

  1. 6.       Dining Table

If your kitchen is large then a small, petite dining table or a sitting arrangement for two can pull off an amazing kitchen look and give you a place to relax while your food is cooking at the same time. It gives the kitchen a friendlier, homey outlook then a bare kitchen would and it utilizes all that space productively as well.

A kitchen is not only a place you cook. It is the heart of the house. Your most essential needs are met in the kitchen because that’s where the food and water are. So, make your kitchen a place worth going to again and again.

About the Author:

Selena is a blogger who love to write on furniture and home décor related topics. She writes for Dining Showroom, a sister mart of eFurniture Mart.

How Window Film Can Help You Stay Warm in The Winter and Save You Money on Energy Costs

While many people have discovered the benefits of window tinting to keep their homes cool and glare-free during the summer, window film continues to be a greatly underutilized application to save you money on heating during the winter. For starters, many people are under the assumption that window tinting and window film are the same thing. Window tinting refers to the shade of window film, often being used to reduce glare on the inside and allow privacy from those outside. The window film itself is what blocks the UV rays, helps decrease humidity, and preserve the interior of your home.

Many people do not realize that window film is actually very beneficial to have year-around and can save significant money on heating costs during the winter. During the coldest month of the winter you may be spending over a third of your energy costs on heating alone. When preparing for a cheaper winter many people use more traditional methods such as caulking, adding insulation, or just making it a point to keep the fireplace going. Window film can actually help reduce heat loss in your home by around 75%. Here are the ways in which window film actively keeps heat inside of your home while decreasing unwanted humidity and saving you money on energy costs:

  1. 1.      Traps Heat

Through conduction of cold air through the glass, many windows let out a certain amount of heat when the heavy winter air blows against them. Window film acts as a reflector to trap heat within by reducing the amount cold air conducted through the glass. In other words it keeps the heat, and thus your money, from being sucked out through the windows.

  1. 2.      Reduces Humidity

Window film is a huge help to tacking humidity and reducing moisture problems in the home. It’s good to stay warm but there are times when people start to get sweaty and decide to turn the heat off. A lot more money is spent re-heating the house when the temperature drops than holding a gradual temperature. Less humidity also means less condensation and moisture. You want to be warm during the winter but not so muggy that increases the chances of developing mold on in more dense areas of the house.

  1. 3.      Eliminates the Need for Portable Heaters

As your windows reflect heat back throughout the house it travels back into each and every room. This helps to keep every part of the house comfortable much like a commercial heating system, only a lot less expensive.

Whether you live in a house with a fireplace or more sophisticated heating system window film can serve as both a less laboring and less costly alternative to keep your home warm during the winter. If you enjoy the privacy and style of tinting your windows you can still do that as well. Regardless of how you dress them, window film can go a long way to keeping your house comfortable and your wallet full.

Nicholas Haywood is a writer and home décor enthusiast with Vista Films. He is a green lifestyle advocate who enjoys helping people find cost-effective methods of comfortable living.

6 Reasons to Install Venetian Blinds in Your Home and Workplace

People around the world use Venetian blinds in their homes and offices for the many benefits they offer. They have been around for centuries and are known for their highly coveted quality of blending function with charm. You can go creative with the type and material of Venetians you install, and find custom blinds to fit your requirements.

The following key advantages of Venetian blinds might make you consider the furnishing piece to adorn your windows.

1)      Blinds Allow a Good Degree of Incoming Light Variation

Changing weathers and different times of the day affect your requirement for ambient light in the indoors. You may want unrestricted sunlight flowing in during the winter months, and understandably, just a bare minimum bit of it in summer. Likewise, early morning hours are best made radiant with natural light coming in the windows in contrast to the peak afternoon hours when it may get too warm.

Unlike curtains, blinds allow flexibility on how much light you want in your rooms. It is easy to adjust incoming light to different levels – you can completely open or close the blades or keep them at desired angles anywhere in between, or you can even pull up the entire layer of blinds to let in unobstructed light.

In summer, your faithful Venetian blinds or shades promise to become an excellent sunscreen by blocking all light and heat outside your window thereby keeping your indoors insulated.

2)      You Can Ensure Privacy With a Little Twist of Blind Blades

Do you disapprove of neighbors and passersby overlooking your private life at home? Install blinds that you can angle in a way to let in some light while also obstructing the view of your interiors from people outside. The adjustment is fairly easy and quick to do; so you can change settings as and when necessary.

The feature also comes in useful when you want a private cabin or conference rooms in your office without compromising on the use of glass. You can install Venetian or vertical blinds to allow privacy during any important meeting or conference.

3)      Blinds Have a Long Life

Venetian blinds do not get worn very easily. You can use them for years without them appearing old or faded. You will certainly need to invest in a decent quality of blinds, but in the long term, they prove cheaper than regular curtains owing to their longevity. So buy a few blinds to shield your windows today and you will not need to make a second purchase for a really long time (unless of course you grow out of the design and wish to have a new set of blinds to decorate your interiors!).

4)      They Are Low Maintenance And Won’t Require Backbreaking Cleaning Chores

A light-handed rubbing with a damp cloth is the most you would have to do to keep your blinds looking great. You do not need to carry your blinds to drycleaners or call home professional cleaners to clean them for you. Maintaining blinds is pleasantly easy, and not to mention, cheap. Everyday dusting and weekly cleaning with a damp sponge or cloth will accomplish the maintenance task of your pretty window shields.

5)      Venetian Blinds Are Extremely Versatile in Terms of Designs, Materials and Colors

You can vary the blade width, the material (PVC, timber, aluminum, plastic are popularly used), and the colors of blinds to match with the rest of your interiors. The variation in design can affect their suitability for residential or business settings. The variety is immense, and you can conveniently browse through it online.

6)      They Are Inexpensive and Readily Available

You can easily find good quality blinds to fit in your budget. If you are doing a home-improvement project or buying furnishings for your new home, installing blinds instead of curtains can help you save some bucks both in the long and short term. They are available in all interior accessory stores, and now you even have the amazing option of ordering them online – what you would need is to take accurate measurements of your windows to place a correct order.

Start looking for reputed Venetian blinds Gold Coast vendors. Glance through their catalogs to find one that is made for your home. Venetian blinds are perfectly safe investment and are immensely helpful when you want to groom your home or workplace infrastructure.

Ideas And Tips For A Garage Conversion

If you have a garage space as part of the house but you don’t really use it anymore then it might be a good idea to turn it into a room. Perhaps your teen might want some extra privacy or you are interested in creating your own little corner for gaming or other hobbies. Here are some great tips and ideas for doing this.Garage Conversion

An Extra Bedroom

If you have kids that are growing up it is a nice idea to provide them with some extra privacy with a garage conversion.

There are a lot of ways you can turn your garage into a bedroom and you don’t need to plan for an in-built kitchenette and shower if it is just a family member living there.

Garage conversion might even work as a great guestroom with just bare essentials. Of course if you want to think about renting out your garage space then you might want to add a kitchenette and bathroom to the conversion.

Turn It Into A Work Space

If you are working from home then a garage is a great solution for your very own office. This doesn’t even require too many changes since you won’t be sleeping in the room.

If you plan the space carefully you might still even have some room for the car, as showed in the idea at the HGTV website.

Lovely Family Game Room

You could make the garage into a really nice gaming room for the whole family to enjoy. For instance, you could turn the space into a big movie theatre with wall-sized projectors and some lovely couches. Or you could add a big table in order to play some board games and poker in the room.

If you have always wanted to have your own snooker or pool table then a garage conversion will allow you to do that as well. The space is often best suited for something creative like this and works well as a place to hangout.

Stylish Storage

It is also a good idea to include a lot of storage space into the garage. Not only does it allow you to add some items from the house to the new room but it will also be a great way to make sure the room doesn’t look like a big storage space but more like a proper room.

The best idea is to opt for stylish sliding wardrobe doors. These will guarantee that you have room for your items and they are great for adding a bit of uniqueness to your room.

Sliding doors come in so many different styles and trends and you can see some available options from companies like Superglide.

Make Sure You Get Planning Permission

Many garage conversions will require you to file for planning permissions to make sure that you are doing it all the right way.

It is a good idea to first start thinking about what you are allowed to do with the garage and how much things might cost so that you don’t come up with a great plan that cannot become reality.

How To Save A Lot Of Money In The Home

If you are serious about saving money then saving in your home is perhaps the best way to go about it. We live in the age of the internet and thus checking here for all the factual information you need is essential and something that I highly recommend. Just ensure that you inform yourself of the different ways to save, it doesn’t take a lot of time and you can do it on the move.

Saving money in your home on bills is extremely popular nowadays because it is the one constant in most of our lives thus a common denominator when it comes to making cuts. A lot of saving comes down to personality, you have to be in the right mindset if you are hoping to save because fundamentally you have to make cut backs and be pretty frugal.

If that isn’t in your nature generally then it can be really hard to adapt to and thus may require time. Don’t just jump in with major cutbacks, wean yourself in and gradually introduce the measures you want to introduce. Trust me, there is no better feeling that saving so don’t be afraid to do it.

Save Money

Check the Internet

This is the best place to begin any search for saving in the home. There is so much information online and all of it is free to access. Just spend some time researching and finding out about all of the free ways to save money in your home.

Turning of the lights during the day, ensuring things aren’t on standby, making sure you shower and don’t bathe and boil only the right amount of water in the kettle.

These are all ways in which you can save money in your home with the minimum amount of fuss or effort. There are also ways to invest that can help you save a lot of money in the long run, shower faucets from Agua Flux for example are designed to reduce dramatically the amount of waste water from the connection between the water supply and shower head. We just don’t realize how much we waste and how much it costs us.

Have Targets

When looking to save, I have found that having targets is the best way to go about it. It is too easy just to say that you are saving but in reality you are just wasting as much as you did in the past, just in different ways. If you get your old bills out and select a sum of money you want to save each month then you can isolate the root cause of your problems.

Change Your Mindset

This is the most important thing, you have got to have a positive mindset that is geared towards saving, if you don’t care about the environment or the way you are acting then you will find it extremely difficult to get motivated. Think of the future and think of the money you can save each month, it should be enough motivation for you.

Top 5 Common Plumbing Mistakes To Avoid

A plumbing problem has to be on your list of “I hope it doesn’t happen”. Unfortunately, sooner or later it will. At some point, you will experience a plumbing issue that you will have to deal with whether you know how to fix it or not.

Good thing there are preventive plumbing measures you can do.

  1. Don’t tackle jobs beyond your skill level. As soon as you notice a plumbing issue, it’s only right to want to fix it right away. You may feel that you can fix anything inside your home, including faulty plumbing. But just because you were able to fix a few leaks does not mean you can handle every plumbing issue that comes your way.

This disregard for expertise is the biggest and most costly plumbing mistake. Taking on a job which you know is beyond your skill level is a bad idea. You may just end up making it worse which would result in a very expensive repair fee. We’re talking thousands of dollars here.


Plumbing projects vary in degrees of difficulty and the best you can do is take one honest look at the problem and determine whether your skills will suffice. If not, immediately call a professional to take on the job.

  1. Don’t leave your outside hose connected during winter. It is alright to leave your outside hose connected to an outside faucet during hot summer months, but not in winter.

When the temperature is freezing, your water lines will freeze and burst the hose if left out in the open. This becomes hard to notice in winter and before you know it, you’ll have thousands of dollars in water damage.

Avoid this problem by always disconnecting your outside water hose before winter arrives. If your hose has a shutoff, turn off the water taps and the outside taps as well.

  1. Don’t install mismatched pipes. Visible water leaks in the basement or under the sink can be fixed on your own, given that you have prior experience and the necessary skills and knowledge to do so.

When you do, make sure to replace the leaky ones with the right size, type and material of pipe and pipe connector. Installing the wrong fit would result to corrosion and overtime would only make the leaks worse.

Also, make sure that the pipes are fitted properly, if not, they will not hold together for very long. This will only lead to bigger and more expensive plumbing problems.

  1. Don’t Overuse Your Drain Cleaner. Dry cleaners are made of heavy-duty harsh chemicals meant to keep your drains clear and clog free. Periodical use of a dry cleaner will leave no side effects to your drainage; in fact they will do their job pretty well.

However, if you have a persistent clog in your drain and you keep on applying drain cleaner, it may only cause more damage. Too much of those harsh chemicals will over time eat away at the pipe.

  1. Don’t leave your water running. No matter how minor the plumbing repair is, you have to shut the water off first. Many people tend to forget this, even though shutting off water is the first rule of DIY plumbing.

If you start your plumping fixes with the water lines still turned on, extra damage to the pipes may occur as well as a little mess on your floor as you struggle to reconnect them.

A more alarming scenario would be a flooding in your home, which will definitely spike up your water bill.

Time and money – two of the things you can save up on when you avoid the aforementioned plumbing mistakes. However, when they do happen, make sure you know how to minimize the cost and damage – consult this guide once more!

This guest post by Tania Miner, an online marketing associate of Haendiges Plumbing – provides Orange County plumbers. Tania’s interests range from providing improvement tips on bathroom faucets to kitchen sinks.

Essential Household Items

There are items that are naturally needed in the home. The fact that many people live in it, many visitors check in and a number of appliances, fixtures and electronics are stored and used makes it unpredictable. It is therefore crucial for anyone owning a home to equip themselves with a number of tools, maintenance equipment, replacement parts and safety paraphernalia just to be safe. Items like LED flashlight, LED replacement bulbs, good combination locks and screwdrivers will save the day.


There is no telling when a bulb will blow, a toaster will break down, the electricity will fail or when you will need to use a panic room. The fact of the matter is that there are many random things that you will need in the house. If you have valuables in the house, the right kind of locks will keep these safe. Some of these valuables could be dangerous and hazardous. These include guns, medicine cabinets and poisons lockers. Here are a few random things you will need in the home to be well prepared and safe. The safety applies to you, your children and the visitors.

LED Replacement Bulbs are vital for the home. It is good to keep a few extras in the home. Bulbs are very unreliable not matter how well they come marketed. Here are many reasons why a bulb would fail. You will however not want to be caught in darkness. Ensure that you buys a few extra LED Replacement Bulbs to do replacements especially when the blow when you cannot leave the house. Buying a number of LED Replacement Bulbs also save you money when it comes to discounting and price increases in future.

An LED flashlight will also come in handy when you experience sudden blackouts. These will help you get around the house when all goes dark. They will also give you ample light as you crank up the generator. The LED flashlight is a welcome addition in the house as it also comes with rechargeable features. If you need to step out at night for whatever reason, an LED flashlight will really come in handy for you. Get the best quality and if possible more than one. You will not be the only one that will need to move around in the house when things go dark.

A Combination Lock for your lockers and safes will also keep valuable things in the house. A combination lock serves the purpose of securing your valuables in the home. If you have jewelry, documents and some extra cash that you want to keep in the house, a good safe with a combination lock will help along. If you own a gun and have a family, you know only too well that you will need to secure the weapon. A locker with a good combination lock will ensure that accidents do not happen in the house. These locks will also keep petty thieves away from the house and these valuables safe from them.

Items like these will be often neglected only to be thought about when disaster strikes. They are the most essential yet the most forgettable items in the house.

Making your Bedroom Trendy and Comfortable

A bedroom is a place where one seeks comfort, and relaxation from but also one which reflects the personality and way of living of a person, it has also been found by a team from Boston university that 57% of the people who do not have a room according their own taste end up depressed and it adversely affects mood and self-esteem. So it needs to be aptly and carefully decorated—one time effort on doing so can go a long way as a bedroom is constant that endures and shares the most private and precious of moments in life. But that might not be the easiest thing to do as often if one isn’t careful a small space always feels stuffed and seems like there is not enough space for anything and that it would be impossible to give it a face lift because of the lack of space. And so one lets go and clothes start to pile up on a chair or some other piece of furniture which no longer is used for its original purpose, the bed and floor gets littered with books and notes or magazines and on top of all that there is a capacious rack with a disarray of miscellaneous items. A T.V, supposed to be the center piece of the room sits amongst the mess. Shoes and stuff occupy floor area and you stub your toe moving inside your own room. So since when did a hoarder hijack your room? Well it happened when you decided to let go of the room with the lack of spaciousness as the excuse.

Now while this might not be a gross exaggeration of your room; this is the direction you are in if the room isn’t straightened out. So how can one make efficient use of the small space? There are certain things you can do in order to reorganize it and make it trendy and comfortable.

So what to do? Where to start? There is a lot that can be done about it:

  1. Motivation is the first step because it takes some effort to reorganize. So start with something relaxing: put on a song, take a bath etc.
  2. Clean your room, space is often occupied by things you don’t need so this is a must: identify the disposables in your room—like used deodorant bottles, wrappers etc. clear out the things that don’t belong in a room; dirty dishes and stuff like, throw away the disposables.
  3. Now that you are left with belongings you have to sort through them. This can be done by making rows, columns and piles for example you can put all your electronic gadgets in one place, all your clothes in another, a pile for print media (books, magazines, notes) and so on. Once the piles are made sift through them one by one and then decide what is required and what isn’t, what is dispensable and what isn’t. The initial piles can be further divided into ‘keep’ and ‘not keep’ piles for each separate pile, some things you would want to throw away and others that you would want to give away or sell e.g. you can throw away an old book with pages missing or torn up or a device that no longer works; keep an cell phone which does work and sell any old books or devices which you have no longer any use for. You can work through each of your piles one by one in a similar way.
  4. Remove all your piles from the room. Take measurements of your room and try and imagine the volume of free space that will be left after you’ve replaced all your belongings. This can be very helpful because now you have an idea about what goes where.
  5. Now that you’re done with organization, cleanliness and spaciousness and basically have made your room neat, now you come to making it look better.
  6. Matching the furniture is of utmost importance because something might be useful but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is right for the room. If you have a variety of items of you can divide your room into portions and place furniture of a similar color or matching in structure in those particularly assigned portions.
  7. Select wallpaper or paint in accordance with your taste and refresh your walls because that will definitely improve the quality of the space.
  8. Once the sorting and discarding is done you’re left with all that is required. So now you come to giving your room a facelift. You can go about this in several ways, you can think of a theme or you can simply have a more systematic approach. The main thing is how you manage your space:
  • There needs to be space for movement in the room, it can’t be crowded out otherwise you’ll end up back where you started.
  • Select a focal point of the room, and a focal object like a bed or a T.V or a computer—anything which you feel is appropriate—obviously it should be one of the more space occupying items and one you use more often than others.
  • Start from the center, the first space your furniture occupies should be at the center.
  • The more Floor that is left unoccupied the better; so what can be useful are wall hanging racks and furniture instead of something that sits on the floor—this way the room will look more spacious.
  • The floor can also be decorated with a rug or a carpet, depending on the climate, cold places are better suited to wall to wall carpeting while warm or dusty places are better suited with rugs.
  • And add things like a laundry basket if you can that will help keep the room looking good.
  1. Comfort is foremost so bed and chairs should all be pillowed and cushioned up.

And there you have it: you have a Clean, Comfortable, Organized, and Beautiful bedroom. Now you can relax with ease and comfort and traipse around without stubbing your toe—well maybe not after all it’s a room not a hall but still it’s better than the weary dankness that was your room previously. Cheers.

Author Biography:

Ali Jan Qadir has been working in the mattress industry for more than 10 years, he is a recognized industry expert. He is a regular contributer at where he shares his thougts on the latest industry trends and answer questions like which are the best mattresses